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The growing population of South Baltimore petitions for a new market. At this time, the closest option is the now-defunct Hanover Market; Lexington Market and Broadway Market are also open.


The City designates land for a new market on Cross Street, and a long open air shed is built between Charles and Patapsco Streets. Vendors sell staples like meat & poultry, seafood, vegetables.


The Market closes temporarily, but the City commissions local architect Frank Davis to redesign it.


Cross Street Market is rebuilt as a two-story Italian Revival-style structure, featuring the market space on the first floor and a meeting hall on the second. Adjacent are long, rectangular open air sheds reaching toward Light Street.

MAY 19, 1951

An early morning 12-alarm fire starts in the main building and ultimately destroys all of Cross Street Market, as well as a few neighboring buildings. Some displaced merchants find temporary spaces nearby, and some set up stalls along Cross Street.

NOVEMBER 19, 1952

Cross Street Market re-opens! It is re-built as the 31,800-square-foot structure of today. More than 20,000 people attend the grand opening event. In the years to follow, the building will see some minor changes in its exterior and signage.


It is announced that Cross Street Market will undergo renovations, with the City maintaining ownership of the property.


Cross Street Market begins a full renovation, developed by CSM Ventures, LLC, a partnership between Caves Valley Partners and CANAdev.

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Opening in phases beginning May 2019, Cross Street Market is home to 22 independently owned and operated businesses. The building’s renovation includes a full restoration of the entrances on S. Charles Street and Light Street, to closely resemble their 1950’s designs; the creation of lively indoor and outdoor communal seating areas; and a thoughtfully curated mix of vendors, establishing Cross Street Market as a local and regional destination for food and beverage.